Absolwentka liceum plastycznego w Katowicach


  • I graduated at the School of Art in Katowice.
  • Since 2012, I am a student of the  Academy of Fine Arts at the Department of Interior Design in Krakow.

I gained professional experience in interior design offices in Poland ( i. e. ,, Rode- Project “, ,, Nova Next”) and also in London (KP ,, Acoustics “, ,,Noise monitoring”). I have participated in numerous international art workshops like: ,, Pattern “France ,, International Lab”, ,, Recycling”, ,, New Space” Krakow. I worked with Dave Binders furniture company –  ,,Vive Textile Reycling”. I am one of the designers of Krakow boulevard park, that is being erected in cooperation with the city  government and the sculptor -Hevda Ser.

Design cues

In my artistic activities I am always trying to find a balance between art and design. I believe that these two areas should harmoniously interact with each other. Designing for me is an important element in the process of creating art. It gives me an endless range of possibilities that can be realized on many levels. The scope of my activities includes landscape design, interior and exterior design and the arrangement thereof, design of exhibition stands, furniture, interior furnishings, graphic design, design of ceramic jewelry; sculpture, drawing and painting.

Absolwent Liceum Plastycznego w Katowicach


Graduated at the School of Art in Katowice. Since 2012 a student of the Academy of Fine Arts at the Faculty of Sculpture in Krakow. Vast artistic achievements emphasize his enthusiasm for work and skills. He has participated in many exhibitions in Poland i.e. in Katowice, Krakow, Limanowa, or Olkusz. He also participated in numerous open air events at in Poland and abroad, i.e. “Oronsko 2014″ in the Polish Sculpture Centre and the international symposium of stone sculpture in Finland. He also won third place in the national competition “Around Dunikowski” received rectors scholarship for the best students.

Design Cues

His greatest passion is sculpture, and therefore looking in the broader perspective, sculptural treatment of space is evident in his projects. The main inspiration in all Andrew’s activities is nature and its way of working. In his work figuration permeates with abstraction. He also believes that the idea determines the shape, and each material has its own language of expression. He also deals with graphics, painting, drawing and space design. His experience sculptural- and spatial thinking helps him to create unconventional stands.