we are a young, dynamic company characterized by exceptional ideas and the use of state of the art technologies

True artists

Our projects are created by real artists that gives them soul, that “something” that will make the difference and will let you to stand out from all others. Execution of the project is carried out by Deimex GmbH, a company that has been involved in the production of furniture and furniture components for years. As a result, you can be ensured that our stand will be made according Western European standards.

We are always looking for new solutions

We are constantly looking for solutions that will help create even more special stands. Therefore, in co-operation with Infotec CNC, we have created the largest 3D printer in Poland. Using this machine we can print for You blocks up to the format of 2,5m x 1m x 1m. This technology opens up new opportunities and solutions, that due to the limited technological capabilities of CNC machines were previously completely out of reach.

Young team

The young team in the design department is supervised by a man with many years of experience in the exposition industry. This is a perfect solution because it is confronts youthful freshness with great experience and through this partnership a sensational, fresh but also feasible projects are created.


who we are

Our qualified staff
Patrycja Duda
Graduate school of Art in Katowice
She gained professional experience in interior design offices in Poland ( “Rode- Project”, “Nova Next”) and also in London (KP ,, Acoustics “, ,, Noise monitoring”).
Andrzej Dromert
Graduate school of Art in Katowice
Since 2012, she is a student of the Academy of Fine Arts at the Faculty of Sculpture in Krakow. Vast artistic achievements emphasize enthusiasm for work and skills.
Designing is, above all, a passion and a profession but also a mission.